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For the Sanctity of His Day and Extension of His Kingdom

Previous generations of Canadians kept the first day of the week as the Lord's Day.  Shortly after the Lord’s Day Act was over-turned by the Canadian Supreme Court in 1985, the Canadian Lord’s Day Association was founded for the purpose of “preserving the sanctity of the Lord’s Day and for the extension of His kingdom”.  

In 1986 our non-denominational organization was organized as an ongoing Christian witness to the Lord's Day in Canada.  Since Canada's earliest days organizations such as the The Lord's Day Observance Society(UK), The Sabbath Reformation Society(Kingston) and the Lord's Day Alliance of Canada (1882-1982)  have been a faithful voice promoting the sanctity of the Lord's Day.  


Our founding General Council members led by the Reverends D.M. Campbell, J. Spaans, C. Vogelaar and A. Baars believed in the Divine Authority and perpetuity of the Christian Sabbath or Lord's Day. They encouraged their churches and congregations to support this worthy cause, and soon others across Canada followed.  


For the past 35 years the CLDA has continued to publish the To Keep It Holy magazine, to hold public meetings, and to share the message where ever their is an ear to hear.  In 1996 our prisons began requesting increasing numbers of the Daily Diary, a small pocket calander with a special focus of the Lord's Day and a scripture verse for each day of the week. While many Canadains seem disinterested to learn about what God's word has to say, it has been most encouraging that the Lord has opened for us this door of outreach. 


Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would grant His blessing upon our humble endeavours and that He will provide this charitable volunteer organization with the grace and means to continue steadfast in promoting the sanctity of the Lord's Day and the extension of His kingdom.