Recent News

Current Work:

• Billboard posters are being designed to remind those driving in vehicles of the sanctity of the Lord’s Day. 
• The Alberta Auxiliary places brief messages about the Lord’s Day in many local papers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. 
• The British Columbia Auxiliary visits stores to deliver letters about the Lord’s Day and speak to owners about the importance of the day. 
• A new tract entitled 101 Facts about the Lord’s Day is being developed for publication. 
• All previous tracts and magazines are being digitized so that they can be made more widely available.

Prison ministry: 

• The CLDA mailbox continues to receive letters from inmates requesting the Bible correspondence course. Over 150 inmates in Canada and over 30 inmates in Texas have requested courses and guidance.
• Most inmates ask for the KJV Bible and like using it.
• An increasing number of requests for a second course are coming from those who have completed the Bible course.
• Some inmates are released before finishing the course and have given their home address so that they can complete the course.
• For this year, the CLDA is planning to print as many as 75,000 copies of the daily diary.


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