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2013 Daily Diary and the “Weekend”

As a Lord’s Day Association, we regret not catching an error in the 2013 Daily Diary which is becoming increasingly common in calendars. The body of the diary devotes a page to each week, and provides a text and blank section for each day. These pages begin with the first day of the week – the Lord’s Day. However, the small overview calendars of the years 2012 and 2014 begin with Monday and end with Sunday. We regret this error which shifts the Lord’s Day to the last day of the week.

We encourage you to take care that you do not make the same mistake when you are buying calendars and agendas. Let us remember that the week begins not with work, but rest; not with our work, but the Lord’s work; not our words, but His word. Rather than live for the “weekend” like so many, may we live out of the Lord’s Day by His grace.


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