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Interview with Former Inmate Blessed By Diary

Hope for the Hopeless

A Powerful Illustration of Why this Outreach needs Support

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Part 1: Blessed by Diary Scriptures

Part 2: Blessed by Diary Scriptures

The Word of God in the Daily Diary has been used to completely transform a man’s life; a man who for 20 years was, in his own words, “a full-blown addict of every drug and every way possible that you could do the drug in every province”. For years he was in and out of prison, stealing to feed his addictions, and often homeless. He is now married and working and also volunteers with an outreach group helping the homeless. He has distributed hundreds of CLDA Scripture diaries and TBS pocket Bibles.


We initially received the following email:

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 1:40 PM

To: Clda

Subject: In need of Daily Diaries

Hello , my name is ... I have ordered your calendars previously for the Village of Hope in New Brunswick! I am part of an outreach group now in Saint John New Brunswick that works with and feeds the homeless in our area. We are short of and in need of Bibles. This calendar would be a great blessing to those who do not know God and waiting to be saved; homeless on the streets and trapped in addiction. If possible I would love to be able to get as many as possible for us to give out at our meals and care packages when prompted. These calendars and confirmation from them helped save my life in prison in Newfoundland! The scriptures, and the living word of God spoke to my heart through this calendar  and helped me come to Christ at 32 years old; I am now clean, free of addiction and doing street ministry 3 years later. Thank you so much.


The following is an extract from his written testimony which he has shared with us, hoping that others may be blessed.


“I received a monthly calendar that had a daily scripture verse. The verses came alive and spoke to me in a way I cannot describe in words. I had an encounter with God through His Word which became alive and active and started defeating the enemy of my soul. Today, I have surrendered and came to believe in the reality of Jesus Christ. The Lord has completely changed my life and has done miracles in my life that I could never do on my own strength. I have a peace that I have never had.


I am also a member of Saturday Night Outreach who helps feed, house and show the love of God to those who do not know him or need to come home to him and find rest. We offer prayer, Bibles, material [including the Daily Diaries], and clothing.


I have hope, when everyone else said I was hopeless. The police and prison guards said it was just a matter of time until they saw me again. This is all thanks to knowing God’s Truth, His Way and His Life. From my favourite scripture, John 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but by me.””

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Part 1: Blessed by Diary Scriptures

Part 2: Blessed by Diary Scriptures