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Thank you from a recently released inmate:


    You inquired as to how it was the Daily Diary was of such help to me while incarcerated...

    The first thing which comes to mind are the quotes of scripture on each day.  These provided an opportunity to read each specific quote, but then to read further by opening the Holy Bible.  Routine is so much a part of prison life, so this was but one more component of my every day.

    Naturally, the calendar allowed me a method of maintaining an organized place for tracking my appointments.  Additionally, I would also note incoming and outgoing letters, as well as phone calls (perhaps with a brief overview of the content).  Further, I kept informed as to upcoming birthdays and/or other special dates to remember, for I noted them all on the appropriate dates.

    So again, I thank you and your organization for the tremendous job you all do for me and many others.  May God Bless you, now and always.


received in January 2022 from a former inmate in BC