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1200 CLDA Bible course requests filled in January 2022

Prison ministry: 

  • The CLDA mailbox continues to receive letters from inmates requesting the Bible correspondence course. Hundreds of inmates in Canada and the United States have requested courses and guidance.
  • Many inmates ask for the KJV Bible and prefer using it.
  • An increasing number of requests for our second and third courses are coming from those who have completed our introductory Bible course.
  • Some inmates are released before finishing the course have given their home address so that they can complete all 25 lessons and receive a book reward and certificate.
  • For this year, the CLDA is planning to printed more than 125,000 copies of the Daily Diary.
  • The 2021 Daily Diary reached more than 60,000 prisoners in the US. Due to Covid and challenges with fundraising, the US Prison Ministries had to reduce their distribution to 40000 in 2022. Please pray that new doors and additional finacial support will be provided.