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CLDA mailbox

During the past few months we have received many notes of appreciation from prison chaplains across Canada ordering prison courses and 2022 Daily Diaries for their institutions. The following is a sample:


“As these diaries are very popular with offenders, and because we have three security levels (Maximum, Medium, Minimum), these quantities will provide for our December institution-wide distribution as well as providing needed supply availability for each security level to have for new arrivals and transfers throughout the year. Thank you for serving our population in this way! God bless.”

“I am always thankful for your ministry of the diaries and the Bible studies over the years. Blessings.”

“I thank you for ALL your work within the Ministry of the “The Canadian Lord’s Day Association”. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless all of you and those whom you care for, love and serve.”

“It is good to hear from you. I am the chaplain at our Correctional Centre. I should, first, acknowledge the importance of your work in this ministry. Thank you for being ready out there to supply very useful materials to us, to the chaplains. I really appreciate the good work you are doing. May God reward you accordingly.”

“Thank you again for blessing Central East with the diaries. They are such an amazing thing for the inmates and they are in demand all year.”

“Thank you for all you do for the guys and girls that are incarcerated. I know they enjoy the material you send us.”

“Thank you for these wonderful resources. They continue to be very popular with the residents of our centre and provides us with many opportunities for conversations.”

“Thank you for your continued partnership with our ministry. Your generous donation is helpful and well used by inmate population.”

“Thank you so much for your continued ministry with us. The Daily Diaries are a hit here.”

“Thank you very much and we pray that the CLDA will continue to be richly blessed and continue to flourish. The work that you do encouraging those who have lost their way and experience darkness continually, is highly favoured and greatly valuable in the eyes of our Lord!”

“Thank you very much for your message. I am very thankful once more this year to pursue my ministry at ------ in Québec. I thank you very much for your Ministry and I can guarantee that your diaries make a big difference in our community. May you have a peaceful and joyful week.

“The diaries are popular with the inmates. I ran out almost 2 months ago and still have requests for them. Thank you for your ministry and mission work.”